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Client feedback

Marine Scaffolding provided a remarkable solution I never thought possible – one that allowed us to fully restore our premier luxury super yacht, SuRi, while she was berthed in the marina.

This is an incredible achievement which will change the timeframes and cost of maintenance in the super yacht industry.

The ingenuity and expertise of Marine Scaffolding and their dedicated partners saw a strong and safe scaffold constructed around SuRi, quickly and efficiently while she was in the water. We saved money, could keep the crew onboard and were able to get SuRi repainted and back out to sea ahead of any schedule set by the traditional dry-docking approach. Thank you, Marine Scaffolding and partners!

Ric Kayne

Owner of SuRi 

Safe, lightweight and reliable
Marine Scaffolding

Marine Scaffolding uses the Layher All Round scaffolding system

An industry leader in scaffolding that is light enough to use as a floating scaffold, yet durable and strong enough to handle all the demands of a busy vessel maintenance team. The Layher All Round scaffolding system is safe, reliable and easy to assemble for Marine Scaffolding’s expert scaffold professionals.

Our encapsulation procedures offer complete vessel protection

From tenders to luxury super yachts, for routine or unplanned maintenance, our high standards ensure every project is completed on time, on budget and as if the vessel were our very own.

Scaffolding a super yacht in the water is now in Australia

A testament to Marine Scaffolding’s success is its recent scaffolding project for the super yacht, SuRi, at the Gold Coast City Marina.

With it still in the water, Marine Scaffolding was able to build a floating cantilevered scaffold around the vessel. For the first time in the marina’s history, painters were able to work on the vessel while it was safely berthed at its marina. SuRi was restored and back in service, quicker and more affordably than anyone had ever imagined possible.

Experience and expertise combined with a state-of-the-art scaffold system.

Marine Scaffolding is leading the way for the Australian marine and super yacht industries.

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