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Marine Scaffolding

Saving time and money, and bringing confidence

Working on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and around Australia

Marine Scaffolding’s expert team knows what it takes to deliver a scaffolding solution that provides safe and secure access for maintaining and restoring a wider range of vessels.

Whether it’s a 50 metre super yacht or 20 metre boat, our tailored scaffolding is right for you.

Game-changing innovation

We are like no other player in the marine industry. We have brought a remarkable solution to Australia.

The solution is a floating scaffold that enables vessels to stay completely in the water and berthed while being scaffolded and restored.

To restore a super yacht the ‘old way’ involves drying docking and relocation costs, and time for these steps to happen.

Our offering is something completely innovative – a ‘new way’ – that makes vessel maintenance faster and more affordable. Vessels can stay in the water and don’t even need to move from their marina berths while scaffolded and restored, painted and refurbished. We are revolutionising how vessels are maintained in Australia and setting new benchmarks for access scaffolding.

Less cost, less time, less inconvenience and higher quality. A scaffold solution you can trust.

Marine Scaffolding

Building on 30 years of experience

Our team is led by Juan Koegelenberg, a former yacht captain with over 30 years’ experience in the international super yacht industry. With Juan at the helm, there is no other scaffolding company in the world with the same level of onboard experience with yachts than Marine Scaffolding.

Juan has guided the team to understand the high standards of super yachts and premier vessels and the demands on maintaining them. We can design a tailored scaffold at any level of complexity and from any part of the world, always with safety as paramount.


We can deliver a service to yacht clients which nobody can match. After all, a yacht is a big investment and the yacht owner, captain and their crew need to be at ease, knowing they have a professional team of experts building a safe and reliable structure around their investment.

Marine Scaffolding is that team.

Juan Koegelenberg,
Managing Director, Marine Scaffolding

Vision for our marine industry

Be more competitive in attracting and maintaining international super yachts

Through Marine Scaffolding, Juan is turning his vision into reality. He is bringing in a new industry benchmark for scaffolding. One that will have in-the-water restoration and all its benefit available to super yachts in Australia, just like in other parts of the world. Through Marine Scaffolding a new, exciting era of super yachts is taking shape in Australia.

Marine Scaffolding

Partnering for success

Schaumkell Access & Scaffolding

Marine Scaffolding proudly partners with Schaumkell Access & Scaffolding – a family owned and operated business based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Owner Brad Schaumakell has over 15 years’ experience in scaffolding for residential, commercial and marine industry projects.

Layher All Round scaffolding system

Schaumkell Access & Scaffolding provides workforce fully trained and expert in the Layher All Round scaffolding system. It is Marine Scaffolding’s scaffold of choice. Light weight, durable, easy to assemble, it is the right scaffolding for all on-the-water marine projects.

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