Marine Scaffolding and Encapsulation

Lady Christine

Australia’s biggest marine scaffolding & encapsulation project to date

The Lady Christine was built by FEDSHIP in the Netherlands, the most prestigious shipyard in the world, and we had the privilege of recently supporting its refit work.

The 68m luxury super yacht was built in 2010 and underwent refit in 2021 at Gold Coast City Marina. Works included interior and exterior paintwork.

The challenge

Not only did this project require exacting standards to complement the status of the vessel, the refit was to be completed while the Lady Christine remained in water. This saved the owner expensive drydock fees and established the Lady Christine as the largest volume superyacht to be scaffolded in Australia in water.

Crew was to remain on board during the refit with daily and weekly safety reports to be submitted. Scaffolding and encapsulation needed to be erected that enabled all crew and contractors full access to complete works and safety inspections while protecting the luxurious workmanship.

For comfort and safety, we placed 36 general ventilation fans in the encapsulation to recirculate the air on a 24/7 cycle.  We inspected and maintained the scaffolding structure for five months from early April to early September 2021.

The structure stood strong without moving or causing any damage to the vessel. We are also proud to say we erected and dismantled the scaffolding structure without making a single scratch either before or after the new paintwork.

This unique structure would not have been possible without the Layher Light Weight All Round Scaffolding System. Layher Australia recognises it as being a highly technical and complex job.

Marine Scaffolding and Ecapsulation

Having completed this project, we have set new standards for marine scaffolding in Australia.

Marine Scaffolding know the ‘dos and don’ts’ of in-water scaffolding, and they understand the superyacht industry better than anyone.

Marine Scaffolding successfully erected and dismantled a scaffolding system that covered every painted surface of the Lady Christine without causing any damage to the vessel before or after. Thanks to their professionalism, the paintjob was completed and the scaffolding removed on time.

For our safety officer, emergency escape options were a top priority while our crew remained onboard throughout the on-water refit. Marine Scaffolding went above and beyond to satisfy both the paint team from the point of view of access, and our safety officer from the point of view of alternative escape routes within the scaffolding structure.
Marine Scaffolding also completed the job as quoted without any variation orders.

Juan Koegelenberg from Marine Scaffolding is a well-seasoned superyacht captain and knows what is required to execute a job like this. His personal experience makes Marine Scaffolding stand out above other scaffolding companies. I can therefore highly recommend Marine Scaffolding and Captain Juan Koegelenberg to any superyacht owners who seek for their vessel to be scaffolded and encapsulated while remaining in the water. 

Captain Graham Chilcott

The Lady Christine

Marine Scaffolding went over and above for everybody involved in our refit project.

Experience and expertise combined with a state-of-the-art scaffold system.

Marine Scaffolding is leading the way for the Australian marine and super yacht industries.

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