Scaffolding Shrink Wrap


A world-leading scaffold system
you can trust

We use the Layher All Round scaffolding system – scaffolding shrink wrap equipment that is leading the world on safety, strength and efficiency.

The Layher All Round scaffolding system is:
Light weight and ideal for scaffolds with accessible platforms above the water line
Quick and easy to assemble by Marine Scaffolding’s trained scaffolders
Versatile and ideal for unique and complex structures such as super yachts

Able to be covered in scaffolding shrink wrap for security and protection

The Layher All Round scaffolding system can work for your vessel – whether in the water or out – no matter what the size or shape. Tried and tested, this is the right scaffolding solution for your project.

Partnering for success

Marine Scaffolding and Schaumkell Access & Scaffolding 

Our partnering team of certified professional scaffolders from Schaumkell Access & Scaffolding Pty Ltd is trained in building the scaffolding system quickly and efficiently for all vessel types, with expertise in super yachts.

The scaffolding can be covered in shrink wrap to secure the vessel and its contents and protect the restoration from the elements, such as rain and storms.

We applied the Layher All Round scaffolding system to meet the challenges of our latest project, designing and constructing scaffolding for SuRi at the Gold Coast City Marina.

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Experience and expertise combined with a state-of-the-art scaffold system.

Marine Scaffolding is leading the way for the Australian marine and super yacht industries.

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